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Museum Van Loon


Home and the World

Spring 2024

Home and the World
€ 14,95
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Home and the World offers the reader an overview of the 2024 exhibition at Museum Van Loon, with detailed photographs and descriptions of the works of all 14 participating artists, as well as in depth essays by curator Thomas Berghuis, museum director Gijs Schunselaar, Leah Gordon and Swati Ganguli.


In Home and the World 14 artists reflect on the role of 'nation states' in unifying and dividing people, cultures, communities and societies worldwide. Central to the exhibition is the rise of nationalism and the creation of the 'nation-state'in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It does so in an era when sentiments of extreme nationalism are increasing, while at the same time society is trying to come to terms with the effects of colonialism and slavery. 


The exhibition has been meticulously photographed by Thijs Wolzak, Les Adu and Peter Tijhuis for this publication.